Free Software License Agreement Template Uk

Software licensing agreements may also contain the following additional provisions: the definition section of the LegalNature agreement contains a list of words or terms that have a very specific meaning in this agreement alone. For example, the word «documentation» under this contract does not mean information or records, but manuals and documents specifically related to the functionality, components, functions or requirements of the software. If you are reading the agreement, be sure to check out this section for defined terms to understand their specific meaning and effects as part of this software licensing agreement. This agreement allows the parties to sign and provide copies electronically. Therefore, it is not necessary for both parties to sign a single printed copy of the agreement. LegalNature`s agreement provides for a limited guarantee of the software for six months or for the duration of the contract, depending on the duration of the contract. The warranty guarantees the licensee that the software and each maintenance version work as described, if it is properly installed, and if the software is provided on a separate medium, that the support is not defective. Everything else, if not specifically included in this section, is not guaranteed and must be accepted «as seen» by the licensee. The restricted warranty is also limited and unenforceable if the Software is used, damaged or modified incorrectly by the licensee or is incorrect due to causes that are not subject to proper control by the licensee.

A variation clause is also included, which provides that the licensee can change the royalties by communicating to the taker a deadline set for the written notification. The right to change rates may be limited by the growth of the retail price index. If you don`t license, you won`t need a CLA. If you grant a license, you can have one or both of these agreements. The licence restriction clause sets the commercial limits of the licence. How many computers can the software be installed on? Can the software only be used in certain places? Can the software only be used by designated users and their replacements from time to time? Is there a limit to the number of simultaneous users of the software? What are the categories of people allowed to use the software? As a general rule, use may be limited to employees and senior managers of a company, but in other cases it may be limited to subcontractors and others. The right mix of licensing restrictions depends on the type of software, the market place and the business model of the provider. Here, there are fewer optional provisions than in the standard and premium versions of the software license agreement.

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