Ice Agreements

The Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act of 1996 added Section 287 (g) to the Immigration and Nationality Act. This section of the Act authorizes the Director of ICE to enter into agreements with government and local law enforcement agencies that allow designated officials to perform limited immigration policing functions. Section 287 (g) provides that local law enforcement officers receive appropriate training and must work under the supervision of ICE officials. Why are 287 (g) of agreements problematic?287 (g) The agreements aim to broaden the scope of Trump`s deportation machine by encouraging localities to do ICE`s work at their own expense. 287 (g) Agreements lead to racist profiles, violations of civil rights, isolation of immigrant communities and family separations. When local officials work with ICE, police arrest and harass Latin residents at high rates, while immigrants withdraw from their communities, avoid businesses that require them to provide their personal data, and refuse to participate in public events to which law enforcement may be present. ICE reports that there are currently 74 law enforcement services in 21 states that have entered into 287 (g) agreements. Almost all of these communities are under pressure from illegal immigration interest groups to end these agreements. Changes to program 287 (g) changed the standard language for 287 (g).

This resource highlights the major changes and explains them and provides a comparison of the lines between old and new contracts. Illegal aliens who escape criminal charges often hide among the immigrant community and their victims most often come from that community. Among the alleged perpetrators are gang members such as MS-13, one of the most violent organized crimes in the country, with a bloody corn mouse record. The end of the 287 (g) agreements may advance the radical agenda of the left, but it is not only cruel to immigrants, it can kill them. Citizens need to know about the risks of ending these agreements and the risks to their families. Silence and apathy will ensure that the agreement of 287 (g) in your community will soon be gone, and much of the security of your community with it. Late 287 (g) NationwideA one-pager explained what 287 (g) agreements are basic facts about voluntary contracts, and steps to complete the program nationally. At a global time, such a program would be announced to ensure the safety of communities for all citizens. In today`s world, upside down, through others, the anti-border crowd is bubbling with anger and determined to denounce 287 (g) agreements across the country.

In October 2020, ICE 287 (g) entered into DEM agreements with 77 law enforcement services in 21 states. ICE also has 287 (g) IMO agreements with 75 enforcement agencies in 11 states. It is sad to say that these efforts have been largely successful. Last fall, New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal blocked ICE from deposing local law enforcement to carry out certain immigration missions.

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