Malwarebytes Free License Agreement

During the use of SaaS software and/or services, you agree not to directly or indirectly use SaaS software and/or services or to help others use it: something illegal or illegal; infringing on the rights of third parties, including privacy and property rights, and harassing others; others, or trying to harm others («Prohibited Uses»). We can block your account if we believe it is necessary to prevent or stop an alleged use or violation of the law. Such a suspension should not prevent your licence term from refunding you or entitle you to refunds. » (b) Free license. If you use a free version of the software that depends on your compliance with the terms of this Contract, Malwarebytes grants you a non-exclusive and non-transferable license to run (as defined here) a single copy of the software only in the form of a single computer or virtual computer (a «computer»), exclusively for your personal and non-commercial purposes (i.e. not on computers used in a company). You must not transfer the software to another user, except that once installed on a computer, the software can be operated by anyone who uses the computer directly (i.e. not remotely), provided that the person is a resident or guest in your home and you are responsible for the operation of the software by each of these people. You are not allowed to run the software on a network, you simply install it on the individual computers for which you are authorized and run it locally on those computers. For the purposes of this contract, «Run» and «Run» means loading, installing and running the software locally on a single computer to take advantage of the functionality created by the Malwarebytes.

If you have any questions about these terms of use or services, please contact Malwarebytes at If you purchased a license for the software, the initial duration of the agreement then begins from the date indicated in the purchase document or the corresponding purchase documentation of the Software (or, if no date is indicated, the date you run a copy of the Software on a device (regardless of the number of copies of the Software you can use under this Agreement) and, in all cases, for the period indicated in the purchase document or the corresponding purchase documentation (or if no date is indicated). Unless otherwise stated in the proof of purchase, at the end of this initial period (and, if applicable, any period of extension), subject to payment of the applicable royalties for each of these extension periods, This contract is automatically renewed by additional successive deadlines corresponding to the period set in the current purchase or purchase documents (or, if no date is indicated, for additional successive maturities of one year), unless one party provides the other party with a notification of non-renewal at least thirty days before the expiry date.

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