Service Agreement Purplebricks

If we offer or provide a service provided on our behalf by a third party, we may need to provide you with your data to provide the service. By using the website and online platform, you agree that we will pass on your information to third parties who have been authorized by us to provide these services. We may also use third parties to provide services in our order that may include processing (but not using) your data, for example. B to fill out partial addresses or to extend the information we have about you. In both cases, we do not pass on your data to people who are not also registered in the Data Protection Act, or who are not subject to similar provisions of our contract with them, and we will not allow the third party to use your data commercially without your consent. The conditions of these services need to be studied, I`ve read some of the agents` CTs that include all types of hidden fees and fees, such as with a monthly rent in case of repairs, an annual fee if you continue with the same tenant every 12 months, etc. We may use your information to contact you for your views on our services and occasionally inform you of any significant changes or developments on the website or online platform or any of our products and services. If you have accepted, we may also use your data to contact you with details about other products or services that we or our partners or advertisers may be of interest to you. If you agree to be contacted by third parties, we can provide you with your data. If you change your mind about making contact in the future, please email us at the address above. But if in London, me aside, we`re in the land of cuckoo prices. $1,495 for the standard moor rental service. Well,, they`re asking for $4 more to sell a house in the same place.

Let it sink into your skull. Some people think this is a good option – they pay lower fees, and don`t have to deal with real estate agents. However, if you are waiting for support for real estate agents or if you have no experience in selling a property, the Purplebricks experience can be disappointing. You may even find that paying nearly $2,000 to get such a reduced service, the online real estate agent makes a bad value for money. The online real estate broker`s positive reviews on Trustpilot contrast sharply with reviews of allAgents, whose reviews rate Purplebricks with only 1.2 out of 5 stars. Many complain about Purple Bricks` customer service. Others are disappointed by the lack of support they have received in their sale and feel abandoned once they have paid their fees.

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