Traineeship Agreement Sample

During the internship period, the employer provides a level of supervision in accordance with the internship agreement. The internship agreement may limit the conditions under which the trainee can work overtime and shift work to ensure the success of the training program. The trainee may take time off work without losing the continuity of employment and/or wages to take the training in accordance with the internship contract. The employer ensures that the trainee is allowed to attend the training or program under the internship contract or snack and ensures that the trainee receives the appropriate training in the workplace. An internship only begins when the corresponding internship contract, which has been concluded in accordance with an internship programme, has been signed by the employer and the trainee and submitted for registration with the competent national training authority or NETTFORCE, provided that, if the internship contract does not exist in a standard format, an internship does not begin until the internship contract has been registered with the relevant national training authority or NETTFORCE.

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