Unable To Reach An Agreement

We try to reach an agreement with all parties involved (all those involved or concerned). Try to 未能, 法, 能.失败 for `failed` always depends on the context. «Achieving an agreement» is also translated in different ways. The meeting ended with an acid note, where neither side was able to reach an agreement. 未能 … 达成协议。 can`t… There is still little hope (small hope) that the two sides will reach an agreement. Discussions began to meet and it took us little time to reach an agreement. We have not been able to tell ourselves how to share the benefits.

我们无法就如何分配利润达成协议。 The American company and ourselves are edfying to reach an agreement. A 24-hour ceasefire allowed the two armies to reach an agreement. We have not been able to finalize the decision to dismiss employees 我们未能就裁员 问最决. We have agreed with them to cooperate fully at all times. They have not been able to agree on how to achieve reform. These negotiations are the first step towards an agreement. How can I make it clear that two parties have not met on a particular issue? The theatre has agreed with sighted actors. we have not been able to reach an agreement — for Bussiness, say » 法 «共识» or «协商失败» — living for Daliy, say «说» or «沟» 失败 «We have not reached agreement on our plans for the annual dinner. 我们未能就度晚宴计划 There was no chance that the two sides would reach an agreement in the near future. . Как американская компания, так и мы прилагаем все усилия для достижения соглашения. ☰ «affect» versus «effect»: use the right word every time.

☰ «Stuffing» vs. «Dressing»: Do you know the difference? Результатов: 610. Точных совпадений: 610. Затраченное время: 122 мс Мы пытаемся достичь соглашения со всеми заинтересованными сторонами (т.е. всеми, кого это касается). ☰ For example, we can say it in different ways: «Epidemic» versus «Pandemic» vs. «Endemic»: What do these terms mean? 未能/没能在… 的问题上达成/得到共识.

Слабая надежда (т.е. маленькая надежда) на то, что стороны придут к согласию, ещё есть. ☰ We have not been able to agree on how to deal with this issue. 我们不能就如何处理这一问题达成协议。 Индекс слова: 1-300, 301-600, 601-900, Больше Из-за разногласий между двумя сторонами было трудно прийти к соглашению. ☰ Мы заключили с ними договор о тесном и долговременном сотрудничестве. ☰ . 未能… 最决 can`t… to develop a decision that it needs to develop.

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