Unlv Joint Use Agreement

ORIGINAL HISTORY: The latest stadium project between the Raiders and UNLV will allow the university to significantly control the most important revenues on the days it plays in the next multi-billion euro football stadium. Regent Allison Stephens criticized the legal team for not pushing the Raiders to change the deal. Clarification of who pays for the change of stadium brand for UNLV matches. Shavinsky said the agreement is clear, that the Raiders would prepare the field for free for use, but that UNLV would be responsible for the cost of the final area panels, a UNLV logo in the midfield and any other field adaptation desired by UNLV for the field. The NSHE`s board of directors has yet to approve it, but a draft agreement was presented on Wednesday. 4. Several members of the Regents` Council were puzzled as to why there is no language in the stadium contract allowing UNLV to leave the agreement. Several lawyers for UNLV and the Regents stated that UNLV already had the right to withdraw from the joint use agreement, but several regents wanted it in writing in the agreement. The Nevada Board of Regents got its first public chance to hear the UNLV Joint Use Deal Raiders in the Raiders` new stadium, and it was strictly a forum for discussion. Therefore, there was no vote.

Here are LVSportsBiz.com top 10 takeaways of this session. The Nevada Board of Regents voted 11 to 1 in favor of a split agreement allowing the UNLV football team to use the $1.9 billion football stadium project built by the Oakland Raiders. At the same meeting, Jessup said he was optimistic about the ability of the university and the Raiders to reach an agreement that «meets everyone`s expectations.» UNLV entrusted Herrick Feinstein LLP, a New York law firm, in July after the Raiders submitted a draft sharing agreement that suggested the university provide thousands of free parking spaces on campus on Raiders game days. Etna`s services cost $745 an hour, the Las Vegas Sun reported. The joint use agreement is expected to be reviewed by the Las Vegas Stadium Authority on February 15, when it considers a comprehensive stadium development agreement.

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