83 Bis Agreement

Here you will find agreements between Germany and other states on the implementation of Article 83 bis of the Convention on International Civil Aviation. The agreement provides for the transfer of certain functions and obligations of the registry state to the operator`s state, clarifies safety liability, simplifies procedures and thus increases aviation safety. Article 83 bis supports the structuring of international air transactions by providing a mechanism to monitor the safety of an aircraft operated by another state. For more information, please also see Section B 1. Section 83 bis of the agreements also provides safety and efficiency benefits for an operator with multiple aircraft registered in more than one state, as they allow flight crew members to be certified in accordance with the same licensing requirements and to fly all aircraft in the operator`s fleet. In addition, some operators have found that rental costs are reduced until an agreement is reached under Article 83, so that operators have seen a higher residual value on resale. In order for an economic operator to benefit from the benefits of an Article 83 bis agreement, the register state and the state of the economic operator must first conclude such an agreement. The Bermuda Aircraft Registry currently has agreements with the Russian Federation, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and Kazakhstan. In response to industry growth and emerging trends in aircraft leasing, a checklist for aircraft registration was established in accordance with Section 83 up to the International Civil Aviation Convention (better known as the Chicago Convention). ..

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