Csu Master Enabling Agreement

The building permit for all CSU projects can be carried out directly by the Assistant Director of Campus Public Works (CDBO) or, on their behalf, by one of the plan audit companies authorized under system-wide agreements. Audit firms merely issue an opinion and recommendation on compliance with the code or compliance with the rules. The CDBO is responsible for the official designation of code authorization. Campuses also have the option of selecting suppliers from the MEA list or entering into service agreement agreements with another qualified company. When entering into individual service agreements outside the MEA, it is recommended to use the Cx and MBCx zones specified in the MEA basic agreements for consistency. For more information, contact CPDC`s Architecture and Engineering Department. If an internship website requests the use of its model affiliation agreement, you will forward this agreement to the contracting services for review and possible negotiation of conditions. Paid internships or other internships that are not intended for academic credits (i.e. the student wants experience in a given field or with a given company) do not require agreement between the university and the site, because the university does not coordinate the experience of the internship. Additional authorizations may also be required for requirements that meet certain thresholds.

The thresholds for Cal Maritime`s procurement procedures are as follows: the Chancery defines a contract as «contracts, agreements, inter-institutional agreements, agreements, agreements, partnerships, alliances, cooperation agreements or any relationship in which the CSU acquires or provides (or acts) goods, services or exchanges), provides agencies, specialized assets or other assets and resources of the CSU… (ICSUAM 1101). Current agreements can be considered in existing agreements (password required) on limited use: the intention is to be considered a «owner/architect contract» for large investment projects.

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