Leave And Licence Agreement Stamp Duty

5.1 Under the new Bye Acts, any member who wishes to take leave and a licence must apply and receive NOC. Nor would he have to pay any occupancy fees in accordance with the Commissioners` circular on this matter. … was carried out on an ad hoc basis. Stamp duty, which is included in the holiday and licensing contract as stamp paper fees, amounts to only L.2000/- and the stamp paper has been… took into account competing disputes and probed the material in the recordings. We found that, in accordance with Article 27 of the agreement, registration, stamp duty are different expenses and others… Confirmation of the addition of Article 50,000/- due to stamp duty and registration fees. The same thing can be removed. b) The Qualified Income Tax Commissioner (complaints… petitioner to increase construction. Although the same thing was called «lease,» it was in fact only a license, so no stamp duty is due to the… The petitioner was informed in advance that any stamp duty on the agreement on 11.6.1987 had to be paid and that the petitioner would have paid the same.

According to the petitioner, they were not indebted…. 6.10 Nurseries were the highest and were accepted. An agreement was then reached between the petitioner and the Kanpur Development Authority on 11-6-1987. The document in question was executed on a stamp… Stamp duty is a tax applied by the governments of the states of Maharashtra and with respect to the rental of the property for a temporary period, no more than 60 months, u/s 36A of Schedule I of the Bombay Stamp Act, 1958. Registration fees are charged based on accommodation in the urban area or rural Area on Leave and License Agreement. … Control Act, 1999. Stamp duty was also paid as a leave and licence contract on the basis of the agreement. This is not the case for respondent No. 2 as the document of the … Customs duties and registration fees that must be paid on or in connection with this agreement are borne and paid by the sole licensee. Section 55 (1) of the Maharashtra Rent Control Act, 19…leave and license agreement having expired on 31.7.20037.

The question, therefore, concerns the rights of respondent No. 2 as a result of the omission of… The parties would separately execute the required legal documents in the form of the Leave and License Agreement for each site/place and the cost of those documents, including the registration and registration of the… The registration and stamp duty was agreed by the petitioners.

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