Mlc Work Agreement

Since the maritime labour convention (MLC) came into force, binding minimum standards have been applied worldwide to seafarers` employment contracts and wage pay. A seaman`s employment contract must be signed by both the sailor and the employer/owner. If the sailor is employed directly by the shipowner, the sea must be located between the sailor and the shipowner and signed by both the sailor, the shipowner or an authorized signatory of the shipowner. Any signatory authorized by the shipowner to sign SEAS for sailors working on the vessel should be mentioned in the second part of the declaration on compliance with the rules relating to maritime work for the vessel. 1.Each member adopts laws or regulations requiring vessels flying its flag to meet the following requirements: (a) seafarers working on vessels flying their flags must have a seafarer`s employment contract signed by both the sailor, the shipowner or a representative of the shipowner (or, if they are not salaried, proof of contractual or similar agreements) that provides them with decent working and living conditions on board the ship, as stipulated; (b) seafarers who sign a seafarer`s contract have the opportunity to review and advise the agreement prior to signing, as well as other bodies necessary to ensure that they have reached an agreement with a sufficient understanding of their rights and obligations; (c) the shipowner and the sailor involved each signed an original seafarer`s employment contract; (d) measures are taken to ensure that seafarers, including the ship`s captain, can obtain clear information on board on board on the terms of employment and that such information, including a copy of the seafarers` employment contract, is also accessible to officials of a competent authority, including those of the ports to be visited; and (e) seafarers receive a document containing a record of their employment on board the vessel. 3.The document referred to in point 1 (e)must not contain information on the quality of seafarers` work or their salaries. The form of the act, the mentions to be mentioned and how this information should be recorded are determined by national law. When defining the information to be included in the employment file, each member should ensure that this document contains sufficient information, with an English translation, to facilitate the acquisition of other work or meet the requirements of the maritime service for modernization or transport. A marine unloading logbook (CDC) may meet the requirements of this standard. 2.Si a collective agreement is part of all or part of a seaman`s employment contract, a copy of that agreement must be obtained on board. In the event that the language of the sailor`s employment contract and an applicable collective agreement is not written in English, the following provisions are also available in English (with the exception of vessels that are only used for domestic travel): (a) a copy of a standard form of the agreement; and (b) parts of the collective agreement that are subject to port inspection for German-flagged sea vessels and meet all the minimum requirements of the German Maritime Labour Act and the MLC.

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