Right Of Way Pipeline Agreements

In general, facilitation is a legal interest that gives someone the right to use another`s property for specific purposes. A relief from the pipeline specifically gives the facility owner the right to build and maintain an oil pipeline on a landowner`s land. It does not grant the owner of the facility the actual ownership of the land, but only the right to use the land for pipeline purposes. The relief «runs with the land,» which means it stays on the ground and applies to all future landowners. Facilitation must be made in writing, signed by the landowner and registered with the district recorder. Generally, pipeline relief is permanent and has no termination date, although the parties may accept relief that lasts for a period of time. Note that the term «legal way agreement» has the same legal meaning as «relief» and that many of them call the «right of way» the piece of land that is being relieved. For this fact sheet, we use the term «easy» and not «right of way.» By negotiating hundreds of pipeline agreements with more than 50 different companies across Pennsylvania, Doug has a detailed understanding of the ever-changing pipeline market and understands what invaluable protection projects need to be done and how to get them. Lawyer Clark brings his extensive oil and gas experience to any pipeline agreement negotiations on behalf of his proprietary clients. If the gas company offers to lease your oil and gas rights, there will be an authorization clause in each oil and gas lease that will normally give the gas company the exclusive right to your oil and gas and the exclusive right to come to your land to drill oil and gas and carry the same thing. If there is no provision regarding the location of the pipeline and what can be placed on your land in connection with the pipeline, the gas company can place its pipeline wherever it wishes with the desired equipment or facilities on your land. Protective devices can be inserted into your lease agreement to find the pipeline where it needs to be and to limit equipment and facilities in the pipeline area.

Preferably, a separate priority right must be taken in connection with the lease. Is it necessary to cross a ditch or surface water on the landowner`s land during the construction of pipes? The facility may contain a provision requiring the company to construct temporary crossings to avoid erosion and other disturbances in waterways, creek beds and banks.

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