Celebrity Non Disclosure Agreement

Despite all the mechanisms available to prevent offences, it is still possible that infringements will still occur. The perpetrator must contain a language that prevents offences from appearing in the public record in order to adequately protect the privacy desired by the celebrity. But as we have seen, when the confidentiality agreement is violated and the celebrity tries to enforce the agreement, it turns out to be a fatal mistake if the document focuses on protecting the celebrity`s data protection interests. And as we`ve seen, even the best lawyers can fall into this relationship trap. The best practice is to inform a leading customer that the best way to protect their privacy is to characterize their interest as economic. Data protection is always the goal, but basing the confidentiality agreement between the celebrity and his collaborators on a basis of economic interests/owners seems to be the only effective way to achieve the privacy desired by the celebrity. Other cases that can lead to the use of a confidentiality agreement for celebrities are as follows: as has already been demonstrated in this article, US data protection legislation is stricter than English data protection legislation. This is especially true for the various jurisdictions in the United States, where, unlike the U.S. Federal Constitution, privacy is often, but not always, explicitly considered the constitutional law of the state, for example California Constitution, Art I, s. The more he throws himself into the whirlwind of public opinion, the less likely it is that a judge will protect his privacy, because the more famous a celebrity is, the less reasonable expectations he has of privacy.

Therefore, confidentiality agreements focused on protecting a celebrity`s data protection rights most likely fail if they are reviewed by the courts. Celebrities are always admired and people are always looking for ways to look into their private lives. They want to know how they work, who they are in a relationship with, what they do in their private time, how their family works, etc. But celebrities are usually very aware of their secret, including actors, sportsmen, politicians and public figures, and we often hear that anyone working with/for them signs a confidentiality agreement. According to the tabloids, Britney Spears never really had a smooth relationship. Back when she was just a big-eyed girl, Spears was with pop star Justin Timberlake, and no matter how hard they tried, they couldn`t keep the press out of their relationship. She then got married in Las Vegas for five minutes, experienced a very public merger before she could finally find some rest and revive both her career and her family life. The good news is that she has learned from her past mistakes. TMZ reported that Spears had then-friend Charlie Ebersol sign a confidentiality agreement even before meeting her. The duo was founded by mutual friends, Spears` father insisted that Ebersol sign an NDA before his first date just to be safe. .

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