Civil Aircraft Hold Harmless Agreement

A3.3.1. Block 2a (1). This block must contain the user`s name if the requester is a company. If the blocking agreement is also to cover other companies of a parent company, its names must also appear in this block. A3.2.9. Block 5c. If Form DD 2400, Certificate of Insurance, indicates the coverage of «any aircraft of the model mentioned that is in possession and operation», the same declaration may be used in Block 5c instead of certain registration numbers. DD Form 2402, Civil Aircraft Hold Harmless Agreement, is a legal document that guarantees an official contract between the Department of Defense (DoD) and a person or company that intends to use military airfield facilities. DD 2402 is not in itself a civil landing authorization and must be submitted at the same time as Form DD 2400 and Form DD 2401 to obtain one. The last valid version of the form was issued on January 1, 2008.

A fillable DD 2402 form is available for download below. A3.2.10. Block 5d. The capacity provided shall reflect only the number of crews required to operate the aircraft. Other seats are considered passenger seats. The form itself consists of three parts. The first part lists the provisions of the agreement itself and contains an exemption from liability and information on the settlement of any claims. Part II contains information about the user, either a company or an individual – and contains the names, addresses and signatures of the company representative or individual. A3.1.7. Block 5, aircraft liability insurance. The height of the coverage of the split limit.

all fields in Block 5 must be filled in to indicate the coverage of each person (top line, from left to right) outside the aircraft (assault) and each passenger; and total accident coverage (second line, from left to right) for: people outside the aircraft (assault), property damage and passengers. IF BLOCK 5 IS USED, BLOCK 6 SHOULD NOT BE USED. All hedges must be reported in U.S. dollars. ALL SEATS THAT CAN BE USED FOR PASSENGERS MUST BE INSURED. See Table 2 for the minimum coverage required. A3.1.3. Block 3a and 3b.

Name of insured, address. the name and address of the owner and/or operator of the aircraft. (The user`s name must be the same on all forms.) Companies must attach a letter from the contract decision representative confirming the requirement to land with their application. A3.1.11. Block 9a, the entered name of the authorized representative of the insurer. The person must be an employee of the insurance company, an agent of the insurance company or an agent of an insurance broker. A3.3.4. Block 2b (2). This block must contain the address of the person applying for a landing permit….

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