Community Use Agreements

Many educational institutions have very good sports facilities, often underused outside of normal schooling. That`s why we strive to increase the availability of sports facilities to the wider community if they are not used by the primary user. Community Use Agreement Community Joint Use Agreement is a more detailed agreement applicable when a school and/or a third party contributes to the construction of a new building or the modernisation of an existing institution; such as the construction of a new sports stadium in a school funded by both the school and the city council and which will be used by the school and local sports groups. Rental contracts are suitable for occasional or one-time rental of schools. For example, a local youth group that hires a classroom or a theater group that wants to play a play four nights. Brief description of the typical types of agreements: The purpose of this Directive is to explain the different types of agreements available to facilitate the Community use of schools and to outline what schools need to do to access them. This community use agreement template, developed with the law firm Field Fisher Waterhouse LLP, reflects our extensive knowledge and recent practice in creating, implementing and managing AUC. This is a basis for the development of agreements for a number of different educational institutions. The school boards (with the support of the VSBA) are responsible for negotiating with the municipal partner the day-to-day management of the CJUA`s establishments. To contribute to this, we have developed a model for a AUC that provides a clear basis for establishing agreements for individual schools, universities and academies. Licensing agreements should be used for the routine community use of schools by third parties.

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