Summer Child Custody Agreement

Brette`s answer: There is no standard for the summer. Some families change weeks or months. Others stick to their regular plan and give a few weeks of leave to the uninsased parent. If it is the same period that has only been allocated in a different way and there is a good reason for that, it does not seem to be an unreasonable issue. You must indicate in your Family Access Motion the specific facts that support your claim. You would also indicate what you are asking the court to do. This could include defining your specific request for setting summer visiting hours. Brette`s response: I would interpret this to mean that the child can go to planned activities such as storage classes. So if the pickup is scheduled for 9 a.m., but the child is at camp until 5 p.m., the pickup would take place.

Check with your lawyer, who can verify the actual order. Brette`s answer: If the order explicitly states when the child should be with each parent, you will likely have your rights. However, I suggest you talk to your lawyer before you do anything to make sure your order is clear about it. Brettes Answer: If the order does not foresee a change for the summer, you will respect the same schedule. Normally, this means that you get your 4 weeks, then the rest of the summer you will get the regular calendar unless your ex also has a certain holiday period. Question from Jeanine: My ex is the custodial parent and I have no custody. When summer came, I advised him when I wanted to have the children. He told me they would spend a good part of the summer with me because he needed a break and if I took the kids to his house, he wouldn`t be there. Is there anything I could tell him so that he understands that he has to be with the children? What do I do if he`s not there to take care of her? Do normal exchange hours apply to summer visits? Each parent has some control over the decision on summer visit dates, if you follow the guidelines of the Texas Family Code. Each year, the visiting parent must inform the other parent, before April 1, of their desired expanded summer property plan. If the parent does not meet the notification deadline, the standard dates are July 1 to July 31 for 30-day visits or June 15 to July 27 for 42-day visitation periods. Jill`s question: My ex and I live far away.

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